Planet Phuckett!! at the Vancouver Fringe!

my new costume/mask. easier than painting (and unpainting) a white makeup skull

This all came out of nowhere. Two months ago I was minding my own business when a theater company I work with announced that the Vancouver Fringe was looking for fringe-y plays on video. My suspicion is that, while they’d filled all the openings for live events, they were nervous about COVID closing the border to artists from other countries. So–they invited artists to contribute plays that had been videotaped. Thanks to a gig I did in The Space UK, I’d done a video shoot of my play PLANET PHUCKETT!! under rudimentary settings back in February. And so here I am.

The Vancouver Fringe kicks off on September 9 and runs through the 19th. Their website will set up a ticket for you (you have to type in a code to be ‘admitted’) and you can watch PLANET PHUCKETT!! at your own time. The Vancouver Fringe Guide Book to all activities can be found here.

The Vancouver Fringe program cover.

There’s a short preview trailer here:

Planet Phuckett is a play about global warming and our prospects of avoiding extinction. I try to keep things light, but don’t really succeed often. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wonder if you can find a Doctor Kervorkian machine.

Just kidding!! I like to Joke!!

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