Being A Doomer–great article

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Came across this article about being a Doomer. People have been deriding scientists (and their followers) who saw worst-case as ‘Doomers’ for well over a decade. But Dr. Eliot Jacobson sees it a bit differently. In his blog, he shares it this way:

Let’s start with the obvious.  The word “doomer” is a word with horribly dark connotations.  The obvious interpretation is that a doomer believes life is hopeless, they might as well give up trying; there is no value in being alive.  But that is emphatically not the doomer’s perspective. Doomers understand that life is a terminal disease for all of us, that any objective examination of one’s life should include the inevitability of death.  Yet, even with this universal existential dilemma, doomers still enjoy sunsets and friends, they work towards goals, they have families, they celebrate births and mourn deaths, and they struggle on.  Most of all, doomers recognize that humanity has a collective terminal illness here and now, not at some unimagined future time.

And he lays out a case for being a Doomer, or at least accepting it.He points out that any rational adult understands what a Doomer understands: that life is a temporary condition and we all die. He has insights into being a doomer that hadn’t occurred to me before. It would be wrong of me to quote more of his article, but I urge you to go over to his site and read.

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