Me at a street demonstration in Manhattan several years ago

My play about climate change and the threat of human extinction PLANET PHUCKETT!! is opening at the Vancouver Fringe tomorrow, September 9. The festival runs throughout the week until the 15th, and because my play is ON VIDEO, it can be viewed whenever you want. Just go to the Fringe Ticket Center, and choose my play. I’ve made this easy for you–just click here and you’ll be taken to the ticket website!

NOTE: In order to buy a ticket to my play, you must first buy a ‘membership’ pass. This supports the Vancouver Fringe. Price is 7.00. After you do this, you will be able to purchase a ticket to PLANET PHUCKETT!!.

(for those of you who aren’t familiar with the play, here’s a synopsis from earlier this year)

Why should you do this?

Well, the play has funny passages and also scary passages. You’ll Laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll learn about global warming. It’s 50 minutes long and there’s at least 50 chuckles in it. There’s also a lot of info you don’t know.

But if you’ve seen the play before (it’s been presented live at a number of venues) why should you buy a ticket? (ticket price is $12 for me, and Vancouver Fringe gets another $3. We also give the Canadian Government sales tax of, I think, .84)

PS: If you don’t know what my play is about, I have explained it on my website numerous times,

Okay, I’m hoping you wish to support my work here. I have ten more solo plays of a variety of themes, and I’d love to produce them in this format, but I need a green screen and a subscription to Drop Box, and maybe even airline tickets to the next Fringe Festival I’m invited to. I’m not going to start a GoFundMe and compete with my many friends who’ve used GoFundMe to pay their emergency medical bills or other needs. You might also be helping me continue to blog on my site BROOKLYN CULTURE JAM. So you can buy a ticket (or several tickets!) to PLANET PHUCKETT!! and that will help me continue to do this. It’s better than temping.

Log on to Vancouver Fringe, buy a ticket, enjoy the show!

not my favorite selfie, more the mark of a desperate man.

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