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Pictures we saw from Boston; pictures we didn’t see from Sandy Hook

Over the last few days, we have been ‘treated’ to dozens of photographs of the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing–people who were seriously injured and covered with blood and gore being taken away on gurneys or given tourniquets to strap on limbs soon to be amputated. There were even photos of the blood-soaked concrete […]

Tonight on Sex and Politics!

Tonight on WBCR’s Sex and Politics, I will be speaking to some of the planners for OCCUPY WALL STREET‘s May Day events–they’re asking people to take the day off (call in sick!) and come to one of their many events (protests, speak-outs, performances). Lots of interesting events going on, and there’s still time to get […]

Monday is War Tax Day!

It’s that time of year again–I’ve gotten a bunch of e-mails from my peacenik friends asking me to join them on the steps of the Post Office (or wherever things are happening) to remind hapless individuals paying the IRS on Monday exactly what their money is going for. The go-to source for me is the […]

Bradley Manning Evidentiary hearing on April 10

Ups and downs in yesterday’s hearing for Manning regarding charges and evidence. Judge Lind made it clear that the prosecution would have to show intent if it wanted to charge Manning under the Espionage Act laws and the Army’s assisting the enemy code. But the Army will be able to present a witness who purportedly […]

The Wikileaks event at Judson–a short summary

Last week  on WBCR, I told you about Birgitta Jónsdóttir, the Icelandic MP and Wikileaks member  who was in NY to talk about the Bradley Manning case. She was at a round-table event last Friday at Judson Memorial Church in New York along with a group of journalists who’ve been covering the case for those of […]

Maggie Thatcher and the victory that bankrupted Britain

So we’re mourning (obviously not ALL of us) the death of Margaret Thatcher. I’m not a blasphemous man. She was a human being with feelings, she nurtured children and grandchildren. But in the US, we seem all to ready to give a pass on the public actions of our leaders in order to ‘spare the […]

Wikileaks lands in NYC–Event at Judson Tonight

Birgitta Jónsdóttir is a member of the Icelandic Parliament. That alone would be reason enough to pay attention to her. When Iceland’s economy melted down a few years ago, the government of Iceland held the banksters and speculators responsible and bailed out individuals stuck with underwater mortgages and foreign debt. They also stuck it to foreign […]

Will Kevin Ware get Workers’ Compensation?

An interesting question–why is it that an athlete playing in the most profitable collegiate sporting event in the United States can’t be sure his medical bills will be paid or his scholarship money will stay? Will Kevin Ware get Workers’ Comp?.

Will Kevin Ware get Workers’ Comp?

Let me say first that as the owner of two fractured tibia (now mended, thank God) and two fractured fibula (ditto), I have nothing but sympathy for Kevin Ware, the Louisville basketball guard who was gruesomely injured on Sunday in a game against Duke University. I also hereby own that I have not availed myself of […]