Wikileaks lands in NYC–Event at Judson Tonight

Birgitta Jonsdottir, poet, activist, member of the Icelandic Parliament.

Birgitta Jónsdóttir is a member of the Icelandic Parliament. That alone would be reason enough to pay attention to her. When Iceland’s economy melted down a few years ago, the government of Iceland held the banksters and speculators responsible and bailed out individuals stuck with underwater mortgages and foreign debt. They also stuck it to foreign speculators. Regardless of what the world’s ‘experts’ said at the time, their recovery is on track. So anybody from the serving government of Iceland probably knows better about what to do with banksters than anybody in the serving government here.

But that isn’t why I’m bringing up Ms. Jónsdóttir. In addition to her parliamentary duties, Ms. Jónsdóttir is a ‘poetician’ and an activist contributor to Wikileaks. She may well have seen the Bradley Manning files before anyone else did. She has now embarked on a visit to the United States in order to build support for Bradley Manning, who is facing trial on June 3 under the terms of the Alien Espionage Act, a 1917 law that would mean life imprisonment for Manning without possibility of parole if convicted.  This  US visit is not without some risk to her; it’s clear that the United States would very much like to arrest and indict someone from Wikileaks for their participation in the leaking of the Manning files. But as a visiting MP, she has diplomatic privileges that wouldn’t be accorded to, say, Julian Assange.

Tonight (Friday April 5), Ms. Jónsdóttir will be appearing at a fundraiser at Judson Memorial Church in NYC–its address is 55 Washington Square South. The evening kicks off at 5:30 PM with two hours of  “drinks, refreshments, and art”, followed by discussion. There’s information on the event here.

If you’re following the case and you’re in traveling distance of Judson, you should probably try to get here.

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