A great show on Sex and Politics!

The Occupy Guitarmy recruiting poster from 2012. Join them this year–look at their calendar here.

We had a helluva time tonight on Sex and Politics–hope you were listening, but if you weren’t, here are the highlights!

  • We spoke to Rachel Schragis of People’s Puppets of Occupy Wall Street. Lots of big events planned for May first, and a history of the colorful giant puppets you see at demonstrations. Their work is influenced by the Bread and Puppet Theatre, and their scripted pieces have been live-streamed internationally. Want to know more about them? Look at their Facebook Page, or look up their video on Indiegogo
  • We also spoke to Daphne Carr of Guitarmy, a music collective that uses the traditional folk songs of America to call for a new order. They’re running classes and workshops this Saturday and next Saturday toward performances on May Day. Daphne described a worldwide movement, and if you go to their website, you can download the Guitarmy Starter kit. We’re hoping that we can coax Daphne and friends to come back and bring music and instruments!

If you’re interested in getting involved in May Day, go to the Occupy May Day website.

We also talked to Nathan Fuller, who’s been following the Bradley Manning case for the last two years.  An interesting update on government attempts to muddy the waters around the case and restrict access to journalists and the public. if you didn’t distrust their motives before, you will after hearing our interview. Ned is doing great work on Manning’s case, and if you want to understand it, go to the Bradley Manning website.

Many thanks to the great people who talked to us! Podcast to follow on the Sex and Politics website.

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