Guy McPherson packs it in(sort of)

If you’ve followed this blog space for any length of time, you know that I’ve been greatly influenced by the work of Dr. Guy McPherson. He has been postulating that we’d passed a point of no return on climate some time ago and that (at the end) only love remains. Anyway, this video found itself in my feed the other day. I think he’s realized that it’s over, and I’ll be following that up in awhile. But some other notes first. Watch the video below:

This had all come to pass in early August. Guy posted in Facebook that the September episode of NATURE BATS LAST (his podcast) will be the last one he hosts, although he has been careful to say (through his partner Pauline Panagiotou Schneider) that he will still sit in on the podcast from time to time. Speaking of which, he had Ms. Panagiotou Schneider post it because he’s now also off Facebook. The craziness has gotten to him, especially through a spurious e-mail that gained readership and (while I’m not going to give oxygen to character assassination), I think that was enough to persuade him that it was time to call it quits. He already stopped updating his Climate change Summary last year, probably figuring (with some justification) that any additions at this point were of the ‘I told you so’ flavor. 

Personally, the news that Dr. McPherson is riding off into the sunset is pretty devastating to me. I had bought into his ideas that we’re close to extinction due to runaway climate change, but I didn’t think the end was quite so obvious and close. I haven’t done the planning that I thought I’d had in place. But after the summer we went through, it was obvious that the black swans were stacking up. And now the tropical storms are stacking up in the Atlantic like so many bowling pins. It’s entirely possible that we’re possibly on the way to a trillion-dollar hurricane season.

So in the meantime, I recommend the Carolyn Baker/Guy McPherson book EXTINCTION DIALOGS : How to live with death in mind. Some insights into what we’re facing.  You might want to read it. Guy is still touring as far as I know. You might also want to drop some money to Guy for his work. 

I’ve also updated my play on extinction, PLANET HOSPICE. I can talk about the issues, and it might help to listen to someone talk about what’s coming down. I can tour. contact me.

sorry to be the one who tells you that the time is short.

death smiles




  1. keithharmonsnow · · Reply

    There is more to the story. Either you are not aware of it, or you are, but there is more to the story. It’s not pretty. Wrong Kind of Green.

  2. john gilkison · · Reply

    Sorry to see Guy dropping out, he will be missed. My wife and I thought enjoyed meeting him and getting to spend some time with him in 2016. We took to heart one expression of his “If you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t, do”. It seems as if way too many NTHE’rs don’t and then proceed to attack renewables, electric cars, or even energy efficiency. This puts them squarely in the camp of climate change deniers as to apparent position. Given no one knows enough to predict outcomes exactly (including Guy) this is folly.

    1. This is a story about what appears to be a situation involving two consenting adults. I don’t think it rises to the level of an Anita Hill (or even a Paula Jones) accusation–it wasn’t as if McPherson was the woman’s college prof or supervisor at a job. And (correct me if I’m wrong) no actual body fluids were exchanged. Best case, we’re eight years away from mass extinction, and i don’t want people to forget that.

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