Help stop the lies (a Gofundme project)

Guy McPherson and friends

I have been a reader of Guy McPherson’s work for four years now, and I’m one of many people who’ve been appalled by the vilification he’s received over the years. The latest attacks, which I alluded to in my recent blog, are from a variety of individuals. Some involve his personal life, but he was also bounced from a major climate conference recently after having been invited. He’s tired and angry (though broke) and he’s fighting back.
This is from Guy’s page for a fundraising effort. Please read:
I seek your support as I pursue justice. Specifically, I am pursuing legal action against people who have libeled me.

I’ve been assailed with defamation, character assassination, libel, and slander for nearly two decades. It’s ratcheting up. Based upon tidbits of online discussion taken out of context, articles have been written accusing me of terrible acts. In every case, I’ve shared accurate information with the authors of the hit pieces before they were made public. The information I provided was unethically ignored.

There’s no money in extinction, but there is plenty of power to be garnered by defaming, libeling, and slandering me. I know no way to stop unethical or illegal acts without legal action.

I think this is worth doing. I will do what I can. In the meantime, drop by his Gofundme page and see what you can do. 



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