A Beleaguered Father’s day to all

It ain’t so easy being a dad in the empire in this new century. Wages have been on the decline for some 40 years, assumptions about what is called for and what is beyond the pale are different, and the idea that anyone who wants a job can find one is pretty far shot. When McDonalds starts experimenting with having drive-through calls taken IN INDIA, things are not good.

The fathers my age are struggling–most of them have kids who are in real economic pain. The ones who’ve been able to secure a pension are the lucky ones. The folks with the 401k’s are not so hot. Nothing focuses the mind on Greek Default like having part of your nest egg tied up with banks that have stock in the Euro. And as Elizabeth Warren points out here, over the last half-century the US family added a second fulltime worker to the household (mom) and now makes LESS per household inflation-adjusted than their parents.


So Happy Father’s day folks…

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