The UN decides that the US is violating the human rights of Occupy

This was just put up by Huffington Post–several officials at the UN had condemned the US and complained to the State Department that the violent treatment of Occupy protesters was a violation of their human rights. The US had not responded to the letter in December, so the UN is publishing it now. You can look at the article here

But of course, the AOL-owned HP won’t poke this issue. Because there’s a larger problem and a reason why there’s a violent government backlash against Occupy. The war against Occupy is a corporate funded initiative, and the best example of it is the NYPD’s ‘PAID DETAIL’ program. Under this initiative, corporate entities like Goldman and B of A can hire NYPD police From the city at cost, and the cops are still on duty. So if you’re on Paid Detail to Goldman and your Goldman supervisor tells you to arrest Occupy protesters who aren’t technically breaking the law, who is your boss? Here’s an excellent overview of the problem, with links to great articles about the questions it raises when a private entity can rent the state’s police for chump change.

This program was begun under Mayor Rudy Giuliani in 1998 and is rumored to be emulated by other PD’s in the US. The 1% now have their own police force, only it’s the same one the rest of us use. And it’s got the power of the judiciary lined up behind it. Of COURSE we have a human rights problem.Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimond don’t care about human rights. And they really want the Occupy movement to stop causing problems in the Empire.

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