Big Weekend for the Empire Play

So… it looks like I’m performing my play HOW TO STOP THE EMPIRE WHILE KEEPING YOUR DAY JOB at least three times in the coming weekend. Once will be on radio this Thursday, through Sex and Politics on WBCR. Phil Rosenberg and I will also be talking about my other work, including my play about Monsanto A GOOD DAY 2 PIE. On Friday, I’ll be at the Yippie Museum Cafe–get there at 7 PM. This will be an EXPANDED version of my play–I’ll be talking about occupying the judicial system, sharing meals with neighbors, and the kinds of skills that will come in handy if the Euro melts down (skip the financial analysis jobs and learn how to grow and can tomatoes and grill squirrel). expect a small charge at the door (nothing anyone will get rich from).

And I’m really excited about Saturday. Saturday will be the opening day of the Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia. My understanding is that I’ll be performing some time after 6 PM. The site is Independence Mall, Market and 5th Street in Philly. So now it’s time to get the sleeping bag out of the basement, dust off the air mattress and get ready to roll. There’s a complete itinerary at the Occupy National gathering website. There are links to buses and ride-shares, and all kinds of things are happening around the July 4th Holiday week–my buddies at Guitarmy are doing a 99 mile march from NY to Philly. Knock yourselves out!

And again, if you want to be part of Move for Change and the Brooklyn Culture Jammers, you know where to find us. Right? And if you want us to perform at your event, drop us an electronic line.


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