Monthly Archives: November 2012

Occupy Sandy Relief–the growing story

The big story around here has been Hurricane Sandy. You might have heard of it. And the story that’s being picked up is that Occupy Wall Street Begat Occupy Sandy Relief. Sandy was a big disaster. If Katrina put 1.8 million people in a place with flooded basements and no running water or electricity, Sandy […]

Democracy 2012 and the Cellphone Camera Army

One of the things you will notice should you ever taken part in a demonstration by Occupy is the forest of cameras sticking up above the heads of the crowd.  People are busy taking pictures or video of any interaction with the police. At times it is quite odd–all of these cameras and cell phones […]

Mitt Romney’s Taxes!! (sort of)

So… it is 93 days since Senator (and fellow Mormon) Harry Reid said he had it on good authority that Willard Mitt Romney hadn’t paid income taxes for some ten years. I noted as much in my blog last August. I also mentioned that he had not released a full return yet, since his single […]

What will the Hurricane Sandy Postscript be?

I’m writing this on Sunday, roughly six days after the Frankenstorm that was Sandy bore down on the Atlantic coast.  Last count I saw was 110 deaths. The money hasn’t been totaled yet, but it will be in the tens of billions if you factor in all the folks who couldn’t get to work this […]