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Richard Forer on Sex and Politics!

This is an update. On Friday July 26, Phil Rosenberg interviewed and debated Richard Forer on the Israeli operations in Gaza. Mr. Forer is the author of Breakthrough: Transforming Fear Into Compassion – A New Perspective on the Israel-Palestine Conflict. He is a former member of AIPAC who was transformed by the experience of seeing the truth about Israel’s long history […]

Dear LabCorp

a pertinent article from a friend regarding a huge lab bill not covered by her insurance. It’s important to note that the bill she’s getting is arguably many times what an insurer would get for the services. There is no transparency in healthcare pricing, which is why it’s a mess.

More on Arctic methane–are we really f**ked?

Wow, this is a headline I didn’t want to read. “If we release a small portion of Arctic carbon, ‘We’re fucked’: Climatologist Yup. That’s (more or less) what  Dr. Jason Box, a widely published glaciologist, tweeted. He had been following the developments from an expedition  into the Arctic in search of data on methane releases. Scientists […]

The Real Weapons of Mass Destruction: Methane, Propaganda & the Architects of Genocide | Part I

Originally posted on From the NonProfit Industrial Complex with Love:
An investigative report. [Part 1: | Part II: | Part III: | Part IV: By Cory Morningstar Part I World Marches to Methane Annihilation “[T]he question is not will this methane be released, but when.” – Robert C. Hendricks, NASA, November 2007…