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Occupy Sandy Staten Island report

Those of you who don’t listen to Sex and Politics may have missed out on what is a continuing story here in NY–in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy (which hit last OCTOBER), there are still big pockets of damage and hardship. My guest was Goldi Guerra of the Guitarmy, a great group of musicians in the […]

WBCR this week: Sandy relief and the Shock Doctrine

This week on Sex and Politics, I’ll be talking about Occupy Sandy Relief and the growing frustration in the areas hardest hit by the storm at the glacial pace of government response. Six weeks after the storm, thousands of NY residents are still living in homes that don’t have electricity or heat and are suffering […]

Hurricane Sandy, the loose ends

Recovery continues in the outer boroughs from Hurricane Sandy and its Nor’Easter cousin that slammed into us on Wednesday. Snow is gone now, but thousands are still out in the cold. Fortunately, it’s warming up over the next few days. On the recovery side of the ledger, thousands of people in places like Oceanside NY […]

Occupy Sandy Relief–the growing story

The big story around here has been Hurricane Sandy. You might have heard of it. And the story that’s being picked up is that Occupy Wall Street Begat Occupy Sandy Relief. Sandy was a big disaster. If Katrina put 1.8 million people in a place with flooded basements and no running water or electricity, Sandy […]

What will the Hurricane Sandy Postscript be?

I’m writing this on Sunday, roughly six days after the Frankenstorm that was Sandy bore down on the Atlantic coast.  Last count I saw was 110 deaths. The money hasn’t been totaled yet, but it will be in the tens of billions if you factor in all the folks who couldn’t get to work this […]