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What will the Hurricane Sandy Postscript be?

I’m writing this on Sunday, roughly six days after the Frankenstorm that was Sandy bore down on the Atlantic coast. ┬áLast count I saw was 110 deaths. The money hasn’t been totaled yet, but it will be in the tens of billions if you factor in all the folks who couldn’t get to work this […]

Commuters!! To the Bikes!!!(updated)

Day two of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, and the lack of official talk about the recovery of the New York subway system is getting a bit annoying. You might recall that I reported a few days ago that state and federal authorities had estimated a worst-case scenario would leave the subways and other critical […]

Hurricane Sandy and the days to come

Yes. I rode out Hurricane Sandy. First, let me get personal. I’m in one of the highest places (geographically speaking) in Brooklyn. I’m okay, my lights never went off, there was no flooding in my building. I woke up to text messages from my day job and was assured that no, I wasn’t expected to […]