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Lies we tell ourselves about climate change

There’s an article I’ve been looking at recently from Resilience dot org, and it weighs in heavily against Liberals–yes LIBERALS–about  the issue of global warming. Resilience is the website put up by people who are in the Peak Oil movement. The theory of Peak Oil has taken an undeserved shellacking of late, what with presidential bromides about […]

Joblessness doesn’t pay

On the 28th of December, long term unemployment benefits expired. The Republican majority in Congress allowed this to happen even though a majority of Americans thought they should be continued. Depending on who you believe, this is the first time the US government has cut extended benefits with the long-term unemployment rate this high. Per the National […]

Slouching toward veganism

Full disclosure: As I type this, there’s a pound of Virginia farm bacon atop my refrigerator (fully cured, needs no refrigeration).  There’s chicken in my freezer (it was dead first). Eggs sit uncracked in the fridge, next to the cheese and the turkey sausages made with sun-dried tomatoes. The other night I ate at a […]

The jobless future–a worthwhile podcast

I stumbled across this podcast by accident–it’s geared as a story about Millennials and the resentment and hatred they engender. And it’s on a comedy website (Cracked.com) where the commentators (Executive Editor Jason Pargin (aka David Wong) and Cracked Editor-in-Chief Jack O’Brien)  are paid funnymen. That said, it’s a surprisingly mature discussion. It echoes a meme […]