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Does the Tea Party WANT a default?

(warning–conspiracy theory ahead) I’ve been watching the clownies in DC dance the debt ceiling dance. What supposedly started as a fight over Obamacare (which more properly should be called ‘Romneycare‘ or even ‘Heritage Foundation care‘) has now morphed into a battle over government size. The Tea Party types, spurred on by ideologues with lots of […]

You will never retire

One of the things that happens with FaceBook¬†(besides the fact that they don’t pay taxes) is that the people you choose as friends act as a sort of filter for your news. You might know this by accidentally logging onto FB as someone else. I was at a cybercafe recently, and the person using the […]

Heading down south

Purely personal. Down to clean out the last of my father’s things from his home in Virginia. ¬†Hardly a joy ride, and I break out in hives on trips south. While my parents weren’t physically able to do much for most of their retirement (thanks to tobacco), they didn’t have much to worry about in […]