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The August Jobs Report and S17

Last month, the US added a net 169,000 jobs. There was also some downward revision for the employment stats of the month of July. Once the revisions are added in, the actual average job creation over the past three months has been at 148,000 a month–that’s a rounding error away from covering simple population growth, […]

Enough politics! Time for Artsy-Fartsy!!

Okay, I’ve been writing too much about politics lately. This is a site about arts and culture and the Occupy movement, and although I do my best to illuminate that discussion, it occurs to me I should… share something fun. A couple of months ago, I was asked to write a Subway Monologue for the […]

Where is the Bull Connor moment for Occupy?

I’ve spent the past few days reviewing the stories and protest video from September 17, the first anniversary of the Occupy Movement.  I should start by saying that the organizers did some amazing work, putting together a week of activities and teach-ins, and organizing a big, complicated protest for Monday morning. In effect, the financial […]