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Tuesday’s election results–why the surprise?

On Election Day, I got a job as a Brooklyn, NY poll worker, which was fortuitous. I was far too busy telling voters how to insert their ballots into the scanner to keep up with developments in the electoral auto da fe that hit most of the US. Some of the news was really shocking–I […]

The Eric Garner march in Staten Island

So back in August, I became part of the Staten Island protest march to mark the murder of Eric Garner at the hands of the NYPD and call for justice. I had posted an article about the march and the still-simmering problems in Ferguson on Planet POV, a new blogsite for progressive types about political […]

Occupy Sandy Staten Island report

Those of you who don’t listen to Sex and Politics may have missed out on what is a continuing story here in NY–in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy (which hit last OCTOBER), there are still big pockets of damage and hardship. My guest was Goldi Guerra of the Guitarmy, a great group of musicians in the […]

Occupy Sandy Relief–the growing story

The big story around here has been Hurricane Sandy. You might have heard of it. And the story that’s being picked up is that Occupy Wall Street Begat Occupy Sandy Relief. Sandy was a big disaster. If Katrina put 1.8 million people in a place with flooded basements and no running water or electricity, Sandy […]