The Presidential Campaign and Occupy

Lots of fireworks at WBCR last night, when the crew for Sex And Politics had a mini-debate starting at 5:15 around the issues of foreign policy that were going to be the topics for the last Presidential Debate later that evening. We had a really lively discussion about women’s rights and birth control, and my guess is that these issues are on many young women’s radar screens in a far bigger way than what’s happening in Syria. But while we strayed into the politics of birth control and abortion, much of the discussion was about foreign policy–my take was that both candidates would continue to push for increased military spending, both candidates were going to continue the controversial drone strike program, and both candidates were recipients of largesse from  the big banks.

In the course of discussion, I  said something that I think is the meme of the Occupy movement–that I expect to be on the streets in opposition to the government regardless of who wins the election. I know I’ve been seeing some Occupy people’s Facebook posts and I think this is probably a consensus point of view. But who am I to speak for a whole movement?

Are you active in the Occupy Wall Street Movement? Are you going to vote? Do you have plans for November 7 and thereafter? Post your thoughts and I’ll address your comments in my Occupy Report on Sex and Politics!

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