Obama, Occupy and the work ahead

okay, one last cheap shot. from AdamGoodrich.com.

I’d be less than honest if I didn’t say that the election results were better than I expected. Not that I was rooting for Obama (for the reasons I’ve outlined previously on this blog), but I felt that Romney had betrayed a real contempt for much of America. And this isn’t just about his “47 percent” comments–it’s for his continued repetition of demonstrably untrue sound bytes. I’m talking in particular about his ‘Jeep is moving all your jobs to China‘ meme, an especially cynical piece of mendacity from a Bain Capital  man whose money was made by helping companies offshore jobs.

But this doesn’t change the fact that come 2013 we will still have a president who has been cavalier about use of the power of drone aircraft assassination. A constitutional scholar should know better than to sign the NDAA. His failure and the failure of his Justice Department to prosecute the banksters who threw the economy into a ditch means we’ll see other replays of this behavior. And Obama’s trade deal, the Trans Pacific Partnership, will give corporations unprecedented power to overturn local laws in the name of ‘free trade’. Obama has also been far too quick to repeat whatever talking point the fossil fuel lobby wants him to promote–everything from the “hundred years of natural gas” lie to the horse-hockey phrase “clean coal“. Ain’t no such thing.

LBJ is alleged to have told leaders in the Civil Rights movement “Make Me Do It”— become enough of a nuisance to give me cover so that I am merely bowing to popular pressure. The progressive community has given Obama a pass on actions that would’ve been the subject of angry editorials and petitions had W been responsible. That needs to stop. The Occupy Puppet Guild took time out from their Occupy Sandy Relief to get out in the street on Tuesday, reminding us that there were far too many points of agreement between Willard and Obama.

Savor the fact that the American people chose the least repulsive of the two candidates acceptable to the 1%. And then we need to get back out in the streets. Be Realistic–Demand the Impossible.


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