My cranky post

Sorry. I’ve been in the middle of a family dilemma/drama/clusterf*ck that makes that whole King Lear sibling thing look like a Very Brady Christmas. It makes me want to not write or read or do anything that smacks of fun.

And I know the things that aren’t fun and I’m dealing with most of them. And this is definitely the wrong time of year to deal with such things. When the days get short and the mornings get cold, I find myself less forgiving, more tired, more anxious. I need to get away to someplace warm or at least warmer.

In the meantime, among the many questionable ‘treasures’ I found as a result of going through my parents’ home, I found the brochure and letter for the rental of the honeymoon suite at a Poconos Resort called the Skytop Lodge, a place that’s still in business some 50 something years later. You may be interested to know that in 1955 the policy was that the Skytop Lodge (and my mother kept extensive notes) would not rent you the honeymoon suite unless you submitted an actual copy of your wedding license.  A NOTARIZED copy no less.

So as far as I know, I’m doing a radio show on WBCR this coming Thursday. I think I’ll be talking about Occupy’s Strike the Debt campaign. Or maybe not. I’ll be on at 7:30 or thereabouts.

And next up (probably by Sunday), I will have a rant about Emmons Avenue and Superstorm Sandy.


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  1. Cora Schenberg · · Reply

    Well said, Danny! I especially love the Poconos story.

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