This is pretty close to McCarthyism. Targeting people for the ‘crime’ of believing in Anarchism is not all that far from targeting people for the ‘crime’ of being Amish. American Anarchists include Henry David Thoreau–does the FBI plan to remove ‘Walden’ from libraries?

Committee Against Political Repression

The newest document released in the Pacific Northwest Grand Jury case reveals the federal government’s criminalization of anarchists. On January 30, a redacted affidavit was unsealed by order of Judge Richard Jones. The affidavit can be found Redacted Warrant.

Throughout the document Geoffrey Maron, an FBI Special Agent assigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force, repeatedly refers to individuals under investigation as being “known anarchists,” as if the ideology alone is evidence of a crime. Maron admits that “many anarchists are law-abiding,” but continuously points to the “Oregon Conspirators” as being known as part of the anarchist community. Similarly, Maron notes that some of the Portland police had seen many of those individuals at squats in Portland — as if that had any relevance to the investigation other than that it might corroborate that the targeted individuals are, in fact, anarchists.

Likewise, in justifying a preemptive investigation of the…

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  1. Ben Roberts · · Reply

    I guess that makes me an “unknown anarchist”.

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