Nova faulted for failing to disclose funder’s interest in drones

I had alluded to this a few months ago. PBS ‘NOVA’ had a one hour special on the development and use of pilotless drone aircraft in our wars. It was slick and well produced and as it happens, the program was paid for by Lockheed Martin, the manufacturers of the drones. Many of the ‘experts’ are in fact Lockheed employees. Their own ombudsman called them out on it at last.

Rise Up Times

NOVA faulted for failing to disclose funder’s interest in drones

By Elizabeth Jensen, March 18, 2013

Editor’s Notes:  If you have not seen it, this PBS program is an extremely slick propaganda piece for the use of military drones, those that carry the bombs and are being used by the CIA to kill civilians as “collateral damage” in Pakistan and Yeman, among other countries. Most notable about this PBS production is that there is no blood in it, as if it really is a computer game that has no consequences.  The film covers research on drones in sanitized labs and shows a drone “pilot” making a hit on a car, but still no blood, no mention or views of blood in the drone hits on wedding parties by “accident,” of the civilians killed either by accident or because they got in the way. You are supposed to…

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