Pie Play for radio!



This is the podcast of the Sex and Politics radio version of my play A GOOD DAY 2 PIE. It was originally broadcast (and then put on the S&P Pod Site) in the Summer of 2012. Although we are doing a theater production of the play this weekend, that will be a shortened version that can fit into the Lower East Side festival schedule. The amazing Kathleen Stansell performs–her biography is here:

Kathleen Stansell when she isn’t wearing a Guy Fawkes mask

Shout-outs are due for Phil Rosenberg, Executive Producer of Sex and Politics, and Charles Eli Carr, tech guru and engineer boy genius at WBCR/Sex and Politics.  Bios are here.

(hint for podcast–skip about the first two minutes. you’re at the start when you hear Dave Brubeck’s Take Five)

Two things about our Sunday Performance:

1) Our performance time is closer to 11:25 than 11. But there are performances all evening, and the event runs out of seats pretty quickly. It’s a freebie–get there early.

2) If you can’t get there but (after listening to the play) you decide you must have Kathleen perform, contact us! bkculturejammers (at) G mail. We will not share your information with the FBI. The play is written so that it can be performed in any setting (conference room, church basement, bar mitzvah…). We will need pizza and good imported beer.

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