Just How Important is this LNG Port?

This is the project that Sean Dixon talked about on Sex and Politics a few weeks ago–the whole reason anybody wants fracking is so that they can sell natural gas to Europe, where it’s fetching prices three or four times what it gets here.

It’s This Important: Months ago, before the dates of the public hearings were announced, Sane Energy Project, NYH20, United for Action, and NYC Friends of Clearwater had planned a joint fundraiser party for the Spectra Legal Fund (one of our biggest commitments) that was to have taken place tonight, July 9th. But the LNG situation is so dangerous and the public hearings are so pressing that we chose to reschedule the party (it will now take place on July 23rd, see link for details).

These two hearings deserve a massive turnout. We need to show Cuomo, Christie, and the press that opposition is intense and well-organized. It’s a stereotype that New Yorkers won’t go above 96th Street or across a river for ANYTHING. We need to show how important this infrastructure invasion is by being willing to travel, even to LAWN GUYLAND!

We hope to see you at tonight’s hearing in Long Beach or tomorrow in New…

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