Top Ten things in Wikileaks ‘Insurance file’–play along!

Wikileaks is watching the bad guys. The rest of us should watch Wikileaks.

Yesterday, it was announced that Wikileaks had uploaded a giant (400 gigabyte) encrypted file (and published links to the file on Facebook) as insurance against bad things happening to people like Julian Assange. This is not the first time they’ve done so– a few years ago when the ‘collateral murder’ and other files attributed to Bradley Manning were made available, there were also massive ‘insurance’ files put up.

A few government sheeple have huffed and puffed about this action. They point out (correctly) that the US Government has hacking experts in the NSA and other agencies who could undoubtedly crack the codes to access the files. But the sheeple are missing the point; it is probably in Wikileaks’ interest to have the government cracking the insurance files and understanding what’s in them. It is probably Wikileaks’ hope that the US government, having seen the contents of the files, will back off from any of the more radical suggestions on how to deal with Wikileaks. When hack reporters like Michael Grunwald are suggesting a Drone-delivered Hellfire missile strike on Assange, it’s clear the Obama Administration has got the MSM choir singing off the same page.

Meanwhile, I got to thinking: What could be in those files? Let’s play the game!

Things I think might be in the Wikileaks ‘insurance’ file:

  • Bin Laden’s pay stubs from the CIA;
  • The bills from the demolition company that rigged WTC 7 for 9/11;
  • The records from W’s alleged cocaine case in Houston (he was doing ‘volunteer’ work for a year at Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center, a common non-judicial punishment for white people of means when busted with Peruvian Marching Powder back in the 1970’s);
  • What the Wall Streeters had on Bill Clinton that had him bowing and scraping–specifically, signing off on the end of Glass Steagall;
  • What really happened to Germany’s gold.

Mind you, I think there are things in the file that would cause the government to back off. Wikileaks (and Snowden, through Glenn Greenwald) has been pretty careful about certain things. They haven’t blown the CIA cover of anybody. They haven’t given away bona-fide military secrets (strategy & tactics, battle plans). I’d suspect there are some really interesting disaster recovery plans the US has locked up for cases of massive environment collapse or an asteroid hit. If everyone plays nice we probably won’t know what’s in those Wikileaks files–at least not all at once.

But let’s have some fun with this! I bet you (the person reading this) can come up with David Letterman-quality ‘top ten’ items. What do you think the files have in them? Leave a comment!


  1. Richard108 · · Reply

    10. Evidence that Area 51 is in the middle of the desert

    9. The wand and spell-book used to create JFK’s Magic Bullet

    8. Proof that Star Wars is actually a documentary

    7. That the Grey aliens which reportedly abduct people are actually not grey they are purple

    6. The answer to which came first the chicken or the egg

    5. Proof that the founding fathers were all homosexual and that each of the flags stripes used to be a different color

    4. Evidence that project Paper Clip was not conspiracy to capture Nazi scientists but actually a conspiracy by staple companies to out their competition

    3. Documents showing that the Right to bear arms actually means we can freely wear tank tops.

    2. Proof that Obama, Kanye, and Jay-Z are all cousins

    1. A paternity test from God that proves in the case of Jesus HE IS NOT THE FATHER.

    1. Hey, Richard–thanks for the reply. FWIW, the CIA has now admitted that area 51 exists (though they said aliens did NOT). And an old CIA director in hospice conducted an interview in March where he said he saw the alien craft and was one of the two people in the room when President Eisenhower was informed. Video is on YouTube under the title “Deathbed Testimony About UFOs Given By Former CIA Official”

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