How to Stop the Empire–at Zuccotti Park on S17

How to Stop the Empire--a play about occupations

How to Stop the Empire–a play about occupations

It looks like I’ll be performing HOW TO STOP THE EMPIRE WHILE KEEPING YOUR DAY JOB at Zuccotti Park next Tuesday afternoon as part of the Second Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street (known to the insiders as ‘S17’). There are plenty of ways to get involved, but know that I’ll be down there for all the lunch time crowd at the Wall Street area around 1 PM. 

This will be a full performance of everything, with added info about other ways of resistance. And we’ll be asking folks to offer letters of support to folks in the Anonymous movement (Barrett Brown and Jeremy Hammond) along with Chelsea Manning and the NATO arrestees (who will be in stir for another six months while the government hopes one of them turns state’s evidence).\

Bring a bag lunch, see my performance. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll applaud, you’ll hopefully decide the Empire’s time is up. 




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