Tonight on Sex and Politics: Father Carl Kabat

Father Carl Kabat in the center as he and his fellow clowns Michael Walli and Greg Boertje-Obed find the missing WMD that bedeviled President Bush during Iraq. They’re in North Dakota, W. From the ‘WMD HERE PLOWSHARES’ action of 2006.

Tonight on Sex and Politics radio, I’ll be speaking to Father Carl Kabat. Kabat is a longtime Plowshares activist –the Plowshares take literally the admonition in Isaiah to ‘turn swords into plowshares’. He was part of the first Plowshares action in King of Prussia Pennsylvania in 1980. We’ll be talking to Kabat about his lifetime of civil disobedience and his ideas on nonviolence and peace. He has things to say about his co-conspirators in the picture above, Greg Boertje-Obed and Michael Walli, who are now facing 18 years in prison (along with Sister Megan Rice) for the Transform Now Plowshares action last year.

You can join us live at myWbcr (we stream live on the internet). If you’re in Brooklyn, you can tune in at AM 1090. Or you can wait for our podcast.

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