TNP statement on Judge’s denial of Rule 29 motion to dismiss sabotage charges

The judge has denied a motion to remove sabotage charges (which are based on the idea that the Plowshares action was undertaken in order to render the US vulnerable to attack). Letters to the judge requesting a downward departure from sentencing guidelines are needed. The address is on the Transform Now Plowshares website.

Transform Now Plowshares

Dear friends and supporters of the Transform Now Plowshares,
        We continue to ask for your support and help. On October 1, we received word that Judge Amul Thapar denied the motion to dismiss the sabotage conviction as well as denied the motion for a new trial.
       In his ruling dismissing the defense Rule 29 motion and upholding the sabotage conviction for the Transform Now Plowshares resisters, Judge Amul Thapar has left the door open for the government to argue for the maximum thirty year sentence.
       The pre-sentencing reports prepared by the Probation Office are likely to recommend sentences ranging up to 12 years—the recommendations take into account the record of past convictions, so Megan, Michael and Greg are likely to each have a different range; Greg, for instance, has indicated his guideline range is 6.5-8 years. For Greg, any sentence less than…

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