How come there are no pot holes in the Netherlands?

I’m jealous. The Dutch not only have far better roads and bike paths than we do–they FIX them when they break. But then again, a gallon of unleaded is going for around $10 ($2.47 per liter)–that’s how they pay for the roads.


“How come there are no pot holes in the Netherlands?“ Every time I show Dutch infrastructure to foreign guests that question keeps coming back. And it’s not just people with an interest in road design that notice it. “In the Netherlands I did not see one pot hole in the road and I have seen a lot of the Netherlands. Basically Dutch sidewalks and streets look so damn clean you could like eat off them” writes a visitor to a forum on the internet.

kooikersweg-before Before the reconstruction of Kooikersweg in ’s-Hertogenbosch there were cracks in the asphalt surface, partial repairs with tiles and also the foot way was in a bad condition.

kooikersweg-after After the reconstruction there is new asphalt on the cycle way and we see new tiles on the sidewalk. There are tactile tiles for the visually impaired at this zebra crossing and the kerb (‘curb’ in North-American English)…

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  1. yeah haha we dutchies tend to pride ourselves on our infrastructure and bash belgium for their poor infrastructure.

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