The Psychopathology of Bike Hate

Some interesting thoughts about the almost pathological hatred some drivers have for cyclists. I had a lovely weekend of riding over Memorial Day weekend, but there are some really angry people out there, and (unfortunately) not all of them are clueless enough to post videos of their run-ins on FaceBook or YouTube.

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

When my late Father, then 75 years old, retired – many years ago, he decided to ride his bicycle from Portland Oregon to Portland Maine, and did so.
One thing that amazed him was the number of people along the way who threw things at him from their vehicles.

Is bike-ism like racism?  Are bicyclists in the vanguard of the culture war? What makes some people have some kind of irrational hatred for anyone on a human powered vehicle?

What do you imagine the cross over is between climate denial and bicycle-rage? Watch the video. I’ll leave it to you.

Raw Story:

An Alabama man who posted videos of himself complaining about bicyclists has been arrested and charged with reckless endangerment.

In the videos, Keith Maddox describes what it’s like sharing the road with bicyclists as he drives to work.

“See what I was talking about?” he says in a video posted…

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