People’s Climate March: an antidote to despair


Poster from website.

If you’ve been following me here, you know that I’ve put out some… dystopian commentary lately. Some progressive news sources have finally become aware of Guy McPherson’s dire predictions about irreversible climate collapse. If you believe the climatologists that McPherson has been writing about, we’re a few decades from extinction for the clever ape. Of course, that may be optimistic depending on our other threat. The continuing news from Fukushima is beyond depressing–the vaunted ice wall that is being built around the reactors in order to keep the most radioactive water from automatically flowing into the Pacific may not work because (surprise) highly radioactive water isn’t so easy to freeze. The more cynical are prone to think that TEPCO knew this wouldn’t work and wanted to distract people from that reality. Arnie Gunderson of Fairewinds has argued that TEPCO is in over its head and may not have the money  or expertise necessary to successfully manage the clean up. You’d think somebody with access to MSM cameras would care, but if you watch TV, there’s nothing to discuss

Pair these two problems with the near certainty that we’re in Peak Oil territory (and thus will have fewer resources for remediation), and you can see why many knowledgeable people are in a funk. Either of these problems constitute in and of themselves the possibility of extinction, not only for us but for virtually all species on the planet. Throw in the disruption that high energy prices (and falling energy supply) cause, and we’re in unprecedented territory.

Last week on Sex and Politics, I interviewed one of the organizers of the Peoples Climate March, scheduled for this coming September. The United Nations has called a special summit to address climate change/climate disruption. The summit will bring world leaders together to hammer out some serious attempts to deal with climate change internationally. While the leaders meet, activists will march

You can get on the mailing list for Peoples Climate March by clicking here

This is not a time to give into despair, tempting though it may be. As Guy McPherson has said, if you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t, then do. 

See you in September?



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