Carolyn Baker on WBCR’s Sex and Politics

Carolyn Baker, author, licensed psychotherapist, and host of the LifeBoat Hour. Dealing with Humanity in Hospice.

On Friday’s edition of Sex and Politics, I spoke to Carolyn Baker about climate collapse and personal spiritual healing. Dr. Baker was an adjunct professor of history and psychology for 11 years and a psychotherapist in private practice for 17 years. She was an associate and colleague of the late Michael C Ruppert, and has been writing about the issues of climate collapse for several years. She has just co-written a book with Guy McPherson called Extinction Dialogs: How to Live with Death In Mind It addresses the scientific research regarding abrupt climate change and probable near-term human extinction–and offers suggestions and help as how humans who grasp the likelihood of near-term human extinction can prepare emotionally and spiritually for the demise of many species on Earth.

I will be posting the interview shortly. In the meantime, if you are facing depression and sadness as a result of the unfolding scenarios for continued existence (between the climate predictions I’ve posted about here, and the continuing crisis at Fukushima, it doesn’t take much imagination to see that happening soon), you should check out Carolyn Baker’s website and her latest book Collapsing Consciously: Transformative Truths For Turbulent TimesHer personal website contains links to all of her books and articles here.

You can also check out The Lifeboat Hour, a weekly radio show/podcast originally created by Michael C Ruppert that she now hosts.


'The Lifeboat Hour', a weekly radio show Carolyn hosts.

‘The Lifeboat Hour’, a weekly radio show Carolyn hosts.

In the meantime, I will post a link to our podcast as soon as it goes online.

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