More Mike Mann: “It’s Worse than we Thought..”

Dr. Michael E. Mann was vilified and nearly driven out of his job for talking about our converging environmental and crises as all graphing like the line of a hockey stick. He was dragged into the ‘climategate‘ controversy and personally targeted by Sen James ‘climate change is a hoax’ Inhofe. His reputation was nearly destroyed, even though he was ultimately cleared of wrongdoing by the EPA and the Office of the Inspector General.

Thus, Dr. Mann errs on the side of caution when talking about the implications of the warming his researchers are seeing. But if Mann is being this forthright about the schism between the ‘conventional’ views on climate change and what his modeling is showing, things are bad and getting worse.

On a related subject, Dr. Guy McPherson has posted that he is in the seventh stage of mourning as a result of his understanding of the unfolding of climate disaster. I direct your attention here.

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

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