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More Mike Mann: “It’s Worse than we Thought..”

Originally posted on Climate Denial Crock of the Week:
Dr. Michael E. Mann was vilified and nearly driven out of his job for talking about our converging environmental and crises as all graphing like the line of a hockey stick. He was dragged into the ‘climategate‘ controversy and personally targeted by Sen James ‘climate change is a hoax’ Inhofe. His reputation was nearly destroyed, […]

TPP passes initial vote–why it should be stopped now

  Prologue: I’m in a video. Did you know? Not the ones I’ve been in usually, but one made by my pal Monica Hunken (with cinematography and production work by Owen Crowley) about the TPP and it’s here: (if the video doesn’t play, you can always just follow the link to Youtube. ¬† If you […]

93 million: an update

Since I seem to be in update mode, I thought I’d share this. I’ll try to keep things simple. Back in May I wrote that a count of adults unemployed or underemployed in the current economy indicated that there were some 93 million working age Americans who weren’t in the workforce in any reasonable way […]

my 10.03.2015 prediction: the clock is ticking

In June, I made a prediction about October 3 of this year. Actually, I didn’t make the prediction, someone named Malcolm Light¬†did and I posted it here. The prediction was that October 3 was going to be the last day when humans could do anything to prevent runaway global warming and (by extension) mass extinction. […]