Bill Nye gives into climate hopium

Screen capture from Bill Nye’s Climate Meltdown mini-doc on Nat Geo TV.

Blogger Robin Westenra has a rundown of last Sunday’s (11/1) Nat Geo documentary on climate change and whether we’re on the road to extinction. He also links to a full-length (1 hour) version of the program. In it, Science ‘personality’ Bill Nye takes a lighthearted stab at the five stages of grief around climate collapse. Per Westenra:

Bill does well progressing through the “five stages of grief” until he reaches “acceptance” and then he drops back to “bargaining” (a.k.a hopium, wishful thinking and techno fixes)

What he said.

For me, the half-joking segment with Guy McPherson (about 30 minutes in) invalidates the rest of the program. Dr. McPherson’s theories are all reduced to about a sentence-length, and the bulk of the segment is Nye and Guy sharing a smoke and a shot of Jack Daniels as they ponder the end of humans (and Nye’s despair at this news). But alas, the show’s last quarter devolves into a theme of hope (we can go with electric cars!) and other unwarranted optimism. I’ve already weighed in on the views of Democrats on how to fix the climate–long story short, nobody in the sane half of our political duopoly wants to address just how radical a change we would have to make to have any chance of heading off human extinction. And until the last few minutes, the doom message seemed to be where the show was heading. I wondered as I watched if Nat Geo’s new ownership (Rupert Murdoch) vetoed a darker look into the abyss. 

It’s worth a few minutes of your viewing time. There are no surprises except the fact that a relatively mainstream news outlet has admitted the game may be up. 

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