They won’t tell us: ‘Crazy’ NTHE allegations

What I'm still trying to do, even in the face of overwhelming evidence.

What I’m still trying to do, even in the face of overwhelming evidence.

I’ve delayed posting this for over a week now. I’m still not sure I should. As all of you who’ve been paying attention might have noticed, I’m a reluctant convert to the idea that humanity has already passed all the tipping points on mitigating the damage we’ve done to the earth. I know this is not a popular idea (though it has become far less fringe-iy in recent days, with major media outlets beginning to own up). Some outlets are trying to soften the blow like this–pretending that depression about near term extinction is a job-specific problem for scientists.  

This is all as preparation for the link below. On December 22, Guy McPherson and friends on Nature Bats Last Radio interviewed a former graduate student of Guy’s whose day job resume included a 14 year stint at Department of Homeland Security. Mark Austin is not a ranter of the sort you’d find on Alex Jones. But once he got in front of a (metaphoric) microphone, Mark engaged (a bit nervously), talking about government plans for biological warfare, the meltdown of the world’s reactors, and the DHS’ perceived need to institute a depopulation plan. In Mark’s judgment, there was a plan in place to winnow the world’s clever-ape population down by about six billion. Guy repeatedly reminded Mark that he was saying these things in his out-loud voice, but Mark pounded away on points about plans to unleash deadly toxins as part of a scheme to get rid of ‘Muricans–the people in the industrial world who would be least likely to fall into line in a world of deprivation and death. Mark also reminds us (not that many of us need reminding) that any economic catastrophe that takes down the electrical grid (or any epidemic that takes down the skilled labor force needing to keep the nuclear infrastructure up and running) leads to catastrophic global meltdown. Austin talks in the interview about a temporary plan to put all nuclear fuel in casks (though not a long term solution). There are some 500 nuclear reactors worldwide once you factor in the ones under construction, the ones that are being decommissioned (a multi-decade process), and the research reactors in countries like the US and Russia. Failure of any of these would lead to meltdown and release of huge amounts of radiation.

Welcome to my world.

Welcome to my world.

Well, whatever. Here’s Robin Westenra’s post on the podcast, including a link to it.

My friends in the NTHE movement are pretty torn up about this. Some have been posting (albeit in NTHE friendly outlets on FaceBook). You can look through multiple posts about the podcast. The idea that the DHS would be involved in a plot to depopulate the US in advance of climate heating crash and nuclear meltdown sounds like something that the fringe-iest 9/11 ‘holograms, man’ truthers would advance. It has long been a staple of some anarchists that there’s an international Rockefeller/Rothschild derived plot afoot to depopulate the world. There’s no one I know in the NTHE clique (I hesitate to call it a movement) who would deny that a huge part of humanity’s problems is due to population overshoot. Surely there are people in the highest levels of the Empire who know this.  But fomenting a massive plague-driven die-off?

In the week following the podcast, a number of discussions were set off. And the formerly taciturn Mr. Austin put out more information. He expanded on his concern over nuclear meltdown–in 2016 and 2017, the continued heating the earth is experiencing may well cause droughts on the fresh-water that provides coolant for significant numbers of nuclear reactors. He put it this way in an update published on Seemorerocks:  If the cooling systems in nuclear plants continue to overheat in 2016 and then 2017 continues to break heat records we are very well aware Earth would be entering a tipping point. The MSM & Banks do not like you alarming people. Still, I’m trying to save your life sharing the #1 plan of action for population control when collapse gets really hot.

 And reaction continued in the December 29 Nature Bats Last podcast. The show was devoted to calls and discussion about Austin’s revelations. I can’t encapsulate all the discussion, so I just suggest you give it a listen. 

I don’t know what to think. Again, I have nothing against conspiracy theories. But the bigger the alleged conspiracy, the harder it is to accept–and cover up. One of the people contacting Guy McPherson after the first podcast was a journalist (not named) who said that acceptance of Austin’s premise of government bio-warfare would do great damage to Guy’s credibility. On the other hand, I’ve had personal correspondence on this issue, and I have no doubt that these allegations (even if false) have been raised to fairly high levels. Mark Austin has followed up with me and he makes a compelling case. And he told a great story on December 22. He told of attempting to bring Guy to DC to talk about his theories, and people in upper management at DHS went nuts. They know who Guy is. 

Meanwhile, it all is looking pretty dark. Boston and NYC were WARMER on Christmas than they were on July 4th of this year. There are major storms hitting the world from the Mississippi to the North Pole. The North Pole is now 50 degrees Fahrenheit above normal–it’s above freezing on the North Pole today. Thanks to our addiction to burning dead dinosaurs, we’re doing a first-rate job of wiping ourselves out thanks to the private sector–why get big gummint involved?

See you in 2016.



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