Returning to Radio–Brooklyn Culture Jam

So here’s the deal. As many of you might know, I used to be part of a radio show called SEX & POLITICS. A product of founder and executive producer Phil Rosenberg, we covered politics, sex, the arts, and culture. It was a lot of fun and I did some great shows. Alas, the summer of 2015 brought this to an end. Phil is off doing a new show on chess. But I’ve been thinking about doing a solo show since last spring, and over the holidays I began putting the pieces together.

I hereby welcome you to the radio version of the Brooklyn Culture Jam.

Here’s the latest bit of hardware–a Behringer Q802 mixer.

Technology porn.

Technology porn.

I’ve done some preliminary testing with it. It seems like a lovely piece of equipment, and it will be joined by two new vocal mikes for discussions from my apartment. And I’m hoping to start interviews late next month, with my first shows as solo efforts. I hope you want to tune in. More details shortly. 

See you on the radio!




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