A Terrifying Jump in Global Temperatures — December of 2015 at 1.4 C Above 1890

This is a post from Robertscribbler, who has been writing authoritatively about climate warming for quite awhile. If you’re not up on the lingo, we’ve spiked from .85 degrees c above the baseline temperature (pre-Industrial revolution) to 1.4c in December. It might be temporary (due to El Niño), but this means we’re already about to hit the ‘preferred’ 1.5c limit on temperature rise recommended by COP21 Paris activists.


A monster El Nino firing off in the Pacific. A massive fossil fuel driven accumulation of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere pushing CO2 levels well above 400 parts per million. The contribution of other greenhouse gasses pushing the total global heat forcing into the range of 485 parts per million CO2e. Given this stark context, we knew the numbers were probably going to be bad. We just didn’t know how bad. And, looking at the initial measures coming in, we can definitely say that this is serious.

According to today’s report from Japan’s Meteorological Agency, global temperatures jumped by a ridiculous 0.36 degrees Celsius from the period of December 2014 — the previous hottest December in the global climate record — through December 2015 — the new hottest December by one heck of a long shot. To put such an amazing year-on-year monthly jump in global temperatures into context, the…

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