WaPo on Hillary Vs. Bernie


Screen dump from Dem debate on Sunday 1/16/2015

Hillary versus Bernie from Sunday’s Debate. The esteemed Washington Post weighed in on the debate, and their take was telling:

The question we keep asking ourselves is: Do Sanders supporters care that their guy’s ideas would be dead on arrival in a Republican Congress? As he inches closer and closer to Clinton in both national and early-state polling, you could reasonably argue that they don’t.

I’ve weighed in on this as well but I’m not a latte-swilling talking head from inside the beltway. I doubt that Bernie could get most of his agenda through, though I bet the same could be said for Hillary. Obama didn’t have much luck getting his agenda through, either. And many of the parts of his agenda that DID get passed are an embarrassment. Mister Constitutional Law Scholar, let’s discuss the drone wars. Let’s look at your work to keep Bush, Cheney, et. al, from the courts for their war crimes. Many of your cabinet members were holdovers from the Clinton Era–you know, the people who killed Glass Steagall and promised us NAFTA (and GATT and the other deals) would give us lots of new jobs. And those same people (with Obama’s backing and Hillary’s support until recently) have pushed through the Trans Pacific Partnership (scheduled to go to final vote shortly). And I haven’t even touched ACA (though if you google ‘hostage capitalism’ you know where I stand). 

But that’s not the point of this post. Many of my friends who are in Hillary’s camp are echoing the WaPost article, and I’m sure it will become a talking point against Bernie for the rest of the primary cycle (and possibly into the big fight, if Sanders gets that far). But to me, the people pushing the idea that we should only vote for pragmatists are missing the point.

We’re (ostensibly) a Democracy. The President is elected because the electorate prefers the candidate’s world view over that of his/her challenger. If we are now voting strictly because of what’s possible instead of the will of the majority of the people, why should we consider ourselves a Democracy? And why does the Washington Post, one of the most influential media outlets in the US, think that people shouldn’t vote for what they desire?

I’ll be at the bar if you need me. If you want to argue, you have to buy the first round. 




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