My article makes Huffpo

selfie mona

my ‘official’ HP blogger photo (should it come to that)

Thanks to my FB pal Angie Cordeiro (whose work I championed here a few weeks ago), the better part of my post ‘We Interrupt this Election…‘ has made the Huffington Post. Thanks to Angie for her work to make me seem smarter. It’s an unforgiving task. 

Now, if you want to help support this effort at the Brooklyn Culture Jam, you can do the following:

  1. hit this link to transport yourself to the article, because clicks are everything.
  2. click on the icon for Angie at the top of the article and on the next screen, hit the red button marked ‘Fan’ to follow Angie Cordiero, who needs lots of people following her work in order to get stuff on the HP front page. That in turn helps me.

It would probably help if you threw a friendly comment or two in their ‘comments ‘ section on the page. HP loves lots of comments.

Thanks for your support.

PS: I know the article in question is depressing as Hell. Sorry about that. I’m planning on running a kitten meme or two some time in the future.

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