We interrupt the end of civilization(updated)

bernie bird

Bernie Sanders welcomes a feathered visitor to his speech on Friday.

Just wanted to note that Bernie Sanders, who availed himself of a chance to perform with animals (a wayward finch, it seems) in a way that worked  out much better than Trump’s bad day with an eagle, has won Washington State and Alaska primaries by huge margins, with Hawaii yet to vote. Alaska gave 80.7% of its vote to Bernie; Washington State has given him an estimated 72.1% of its votes. How that shakes out for delegates is unclear. UPDATE: Bernie won Hawaii as well with 69.8% of the vote (per AP).

It’s also not clear that this may be the turning point of the campaign that Bernie’s fans think it will be. But to me, it feels like confirmation that I’m not alone in pulling for Sanders.

That is all. We will return to our regular reporting shortly.

wolf bernie 2

Sorry to keep beating up on Blitzer, but the man is such a tool.

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