Wikileaks and the 2016 election


Feeling proud? By the way, we wouldn’t know about this if it weren’t for Chelsea Manning.

This is an old blog post on the Chelsea Manning/Wikileaks case. Why reblog this now? because some of the Wikileaks revelations have to do with the 2016 campaign. Two of the pertinent revelations (both involving Clinton as Secretary of State): 1) she stopped NATO countries from indicting W for War Crimes; 2) she helped kill efforts to get Haitians a 62 cent minimum wage.

The Brooklyn Culture Jam

PFC Bradley Manning--Is he a traitor, or is he this war's Daniel Ellsberg?Ask Daniel Ellsberg. PFC Bradley Manning–Is he a traitor, or is he this war’s Daniel Ellsberg?
Ask Daniel Ellsberg.

On Saturday, there were vigils and protests all over the world to commemorate the fact that former US Army PFC Bradley Manning has spent one thousand days in jail without being given a trial. His crime was leaking information to Julian Assange and the Wikileaks consortium, which then appeared everywhere. In particular, Manning had leaked a 2007 video of two Apache Helicopters unleashing 30 mm cannon-shells loaded with mayhem on a Reuters photojournalist in Iraq, first gunning down the journalist and his driver, and then blasting away at people trying to come to their aid. At least eleven civilians were killed, none of whom were attempting to fire back, and two children were seriously wounded. The US military had claimed that the dead were killed in a legitimate fire-fight. You can judge by…

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