Ithaca Fringe Festival takes the stage in third year

A lovely column about the Festival that just happens to include an interview with me. Enjoy.

emma rizzo

Ithaca, NY — Adjusting the ties of his black cloak, Dan Kinch approaches a wooden chair. A white mask with black, ovular eyes is secured to his face. A black curtain behind him, and the blue glow of stage lights illuminating his set, he turns to face the rows of red velvet theater seats. He pauses, gazing at his imaginary audience, before he begins his monologue.

Dan Kinch Dan Kinch rehearses his play “Planet Hospice,” a one-person show about human extinction and climate collapse.

The empty seats of this room will soon be filled with spectators — attendees of his play “Planet Hospice,” a commentary on the gravity of global climate collapse, and the prediction of human extinction. This one-person show is part of the third annual Ithaca Fringe Festival, running from April 14 to17. The festival is hosting a collection of six acts, all chosen at random from a pool…

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