Vote theft in 2016 Primary(update)

voter fraud

The chart from primary votes held so far. Remember that the US State Department considers any variance of results from exit polls over 2% to be proof of election fraud.

From my friend Elliot Crown, who has been protesting about Hillary Clinton for several months. This chart, vetted by folks in the activist group NY Primary Problems, shows discrepancies between exit polls in primary states and the actual counts of votes. As Elliot’s post reminds everyone visiting the NY Primary Problems page, there have been unique problems with the 2016 Democrat primary. Specifically, there’s a mismatch between what voters told the people taking the exit poll and what the actual final polls showed. Please note that (in the above chart) the only discrepancies occurred on the Democrats’ side–the GOP exit polls show no discrepancies. Elliot also told a hearing about the ‘black box’ software that was making it impossible to run an honest election. The YouTube video of Elliot’s statements has gotten over 68,000 views.

Elliot pic

Elliot Crown in his more traditional work.

One of the bromides that has been rolled out about the primaries is that our state department feels that (in elections in Ukraine or Iran), any discrepancy over 2% constitutes election fraud.  Not quite true. However, Professor Alan Gilbert lays out the case for vote theft on his blog spot here. The two issues that he puts at the front of his article:

  1. The size of the discrepancy in NY State (he points out that only in the US does the discrepancy not become prima facie evidence of a stolen election; and
  2. The fact that turnout was so low in the primary. As he points out,  In a fierce primary with so much at stake, New York reported the second lowest primary turnout – 19.7% of eligible voters – in this election cycle

This is not an academic argument for me. My DW went to pull the lever for Bernie last month, only to find that her voting status had been moved to ‘inactive’. She has been voting regularly for several decades, so her vote wasn’t stolen because she was ‘inactive’. She’s one of the 126,000 Brooklyn voters disenfranchised on Primary Day. Some entity is screwing with the act of voting in this country, and it should be on the radar of every citizen here.

So what are we to do with this (besides sending money and energy and good wishes to the folks fighting this fight)?

The Bernie supporters have not planned beyond November, and for good reason. We are still over two months out from the conventions, with the mother lode of delegates in California up for grabs until June 7. Sanders may break the bank and get enough delegates to challenge Hillary in a floor fight in Philly. At that point, the revolution is on hold until November 8.  

But all the enthusiasm of the Bernie acolytes are for nothing if the vote is being stolen. The Obama Justice Department is playing with fire if it doesn’t launch an investigation. And the Clintonistas who think that Bernie’s supporters are going to walk away without a flight are flirting with a convention storm on the level of Chicago in 1968.

10/20/2016: I’m updating the page to show the source of the above-mentioned vote discrepancies. They were done by a research company TDMS Research. the info is here:


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