Jet Stream Crosses Equator, Unprecedented?

UPDATE 7/2/2016: There’s a great deal of controversy about this post. The Washington Post and a host of mainstream green groups have denounced it. At the same time, the Arctic Blogspot has sided with Beckwith and Robertscribbler. I’ve been torn about whether I should take this post down. Here’s the deal. I’m trying to find definitive discussion about the subject that pre-dates this dust-up. In the meantime, two items of note:

  • Nobody has talked about the ramifications of widespread intermingling of the jet stream across the equator. With the massive releases of methane seen so far, we’re looking at said methane spreading over the southern hemisphere and helping to cook Australia and the South Pole as well.
  • This was a letter of support for Beckwith and Robert Scribbler from the Arctic research group. jet stream support 

This is a new blogpost from Paul Beckwith, a climate scientist who I’ve mentioned previously. His contention is that jet streams, which formerly moved on an East-West axis, are now crossing the equator. This has profound and dire implications for weather systems all over the planet. Click on the video, follow along.

Paul Beckwith, Climate System Scientist


Unprecedented?  Jet Stream Crosses Equator // Published on Jun 28, 2016

The jet stream in the Northern Hemisphere has crossed the equator and joined up with the jet stream in the Southern Hemisphere. This is new behaviour, and indicates that climate system mayhem is ongoing.


Our  climate system behaviour continues to behave in new and scary ways that we have never anticipated, or seen before.


Welcome to climate chaos. We must declare a global climate emergency.


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