My orphan 9-11 play. Takers?

wtc collapse

The WTC South tower twists east as it falls down on 9/11. from a window at my place of work.

I’ve been doing some assessment of my body of one person shows over the past few days after my United Solo outing. About fifteen years ago, I wrote a somewhat biographical one-person play for a friend about his experiences after 9/11. He had been fully immersed in the truth movement, and was disillusioned by it–and as someone who had been a kid in Dallas when Kennedy was shot (and remembers how HAPPY some local people were about the shooting), he had seen his limit of conspiracy theories without end. I finished a few drafts of it, and then he had things change in his life and I’ve had this interesting and difficult play sitting unproduced since W left office.

I started reading the play after leaving it alone for a few years. I liked it a lot. But I looked at myself and realized I’m really too old to play this character now (realistically the actor has to pass for early 40’s). The play needs a production. The play is titled ‘Ten Blocks north of the Rock Pile’ and refers to the bar/performance space where he and others met to discuss the conspiracies. If you know anybody who wants to launch into this sort of acting work, have them drop me a pm on my Facebook page. There’s also a form on my One-Man Show page.

As I said, this play needs to be seen. It is NOT a dull recitation of all the anomalies of that day–it’s a first-person reaction to the years when the Truther movement was going full-steam. You need the acting chops to carry out multiple characters in different scenes. 

Then again, what’s to lose?

UPDATE: I’ve found an actor; I’ve found rehearsal space. I can produce this on a shoe-string, but I need a venue and I need someone to get some publicity for it.


  1. Barbara Molloy Dutton · · Reply

    Received notice of this plus link from Dan Kinch posted on our private theatre alumni group, asking us to share uf we know of potential actors et al.
    So i just replied to his post that i ontend to follow up with a couple of honest and actively networking nyc located actors who might be abke to get involved or at least communicate with him further. I am giving my owm email and nsme herr. Then shall cintact them

    1. Barbara–Okay–I can’t see your email address, but mine is I was surprised at how quickly people responded. But this is what I do, and if people want to undertake projects of this sort, I can give them some advice and even point them at some projects I have in gestation. Thanks for responding. Dan Kinch

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