EROEI and the Collapse of Empires

Commentary about EROEI (energy return on energy invested) and why we’re in real trouble once cheap fossil fuels are gone. Dr. Charles Hall is ‘the primary creator behind the concept of EROEI in the field of biophysical economics’. it’s a big deal.

Collapse of Industrial Civilization

The above video is a discussion with Dr. Charles Hall of the Dept. of the SUNY-Environmental and Forest Biology. He is the primary creator behind the concept of EROEI in the field of biophysical economics. He also cowrote the new book “Energy and the Wealth of Nations“. I just heard about this book, but from the reviews I have read it appears to be essential reading for those concerned about a world faced with depleting energy sources and an economic system ill-suited to deal with this crisis.

Throughout the history of civilizations, economies have been based on energy inputs, whether by human slaves or oil energy slaves. The bits of paper and metal we receive for our work are only tokens representing muscle or brain output. Money is simply a token of energy exchange and has no intrinsic value of its own. Without the constant input of primary energy, a…

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