“He knew what he signed up for”

Sergeant La David T. Johnson, US ARMY, KIA

Perhaps the most unfortunate statement of the man some have dubbed ‘Cinnamon Hitler’. Made to a service wife just widowed, with two young children with a third on the way. Tendered after a dozen days of being MIA on the soldiers, during which he had time to take in five days of golf and put out plenty of tweets about NFL players. Made by a leader who didn’t even bother to use the deceased’s name in attempting to console his wife, a man notoriously uncaring about those not of his social class or race. Yup. Shoulda read the contract, Sergeant La David Johnson. Sucks to be you, buddy.

But what’s the upset about? 

First, we all knew that our President doesn’t have a compassionate bone in his body. So this shouldn’t surprise. Second Trump has actually done the peace movement something of a favor. He has shown those of the Poverty Draft the contempt with which he and others from the ruling class hold those who volunteer to do the Empire’s dirty work. Imagine if, tomorrow, every Military recruiting station was adorned with posters like this. You think the kids would keep signing up?

uncle sam

And the question nobody seems to have asked–We’re at war in Niger? Really? Did any of you readers get a notice on that? MSNBC’s Chris Hayes was just doing an interview with two congresscreatures plus a retired Petty Officer (which I would assume is a retired SEAL, but that’s another story). And the PO said, yup, we’re in 146 countries. Really? Why? Is that our new US export–guys with Guns for mystery missions?

There are other questions about his death and the deaths of his three comrades in arms, but this doesn’t really feel like the time. I’m tired and burned out by all 45 has brought on us in the last ten months. My heart goes out to his wife Myeshia Johnson and her children as well as his parents.

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